Broadway show – the complete guide

If you have never watched a broadway show in your life, trust me you are missing out on something truly incredible…

Off I go to watch my first broadway show! 


Outfit details: Top: Zara ; Pallazo: designed by yours truly ; Sling bag: Gucci 

Seja and I decided which show to watch even before we got to New York city, as popular shows get sold out real quick! Following are few websites to check shows, timings and book tickets:

Telecharge ; Broadwaybox ; Broadway

My sister and I love elaborate costumes and the European culture so, the obvious selection was ‘Anastasia’


We got the Mezzanine section seats and they were pretty good. Be sure to book your tickets well in advance to get the seats you like.

The stage from where I was seated!


I was blown away by all the powerful performances, especially Christy Altomare as Anastasia.

Pro tip: If you want to catch a broadway show but don’t wish to buy it at full price, you can go and check if same day show tickets are available at the counter. If you’re lucky, you might get them for as low as 50$, which is literally half the price.

Also, guys the dress code is formal.

-More later x



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