Wedding plans so far…

My wedding is less than two months away and I am totally over the moon! Although, wedding fatigue is a real thing. Since I am a total hands on bride, from the colour scheme of the decor to the designing of props to the theme to anything you can think about that constitutes the wedding has been selected by yours truly!


Courtesy: google images

My sister has been the biggest help in planning this entire event and without her I couldn’t have done it! Following are a few tips I can suggest to make your wedding planning as smooth as possible:

  1. Budget: There is no limit to how much you can spend on your fairytale wedding, set a budget, be realistic and try to work within that.
  2. Venue, Decor & Catering: As soon as the date and budget is set, next step is to finalise the venue/venues depending on how many functions you have and the number of people expected. It took us the longest time to decide on food menus and the decoration. Weeks of exchanging emails with series of revisions.
  3. Photographer:  Being so fond of photography and creating content via images, this was one of the most important decisions for me.
  4. Makeup artist: Your makeup artist has to be someone you can trust, someone who understands and listens to you. A makeup trial is so essential, I cannot stress more on this. Planning and discussing your looks in advance will help, reference pictures are the best way to explain what you have in mind.
  5. Wedding outfits & jewellery: With so many beautiful outfits and jewellery out there, its very easy to get confused. I know I was, so I decided to pick my jewellery first and then my outfits. I made a list of colours that I wanted to wear and allotted them function wise.
  6. Fitness & health: Bride to be’s have so much pressure these days to look perfect on their wedding day, and I was feeling it too. As the day comes closer, I realise that feeling good about yourself is way more important. I try to workout as often as I can and eat healthy. I want to look fit rather than losing ‘x’ number of kilos.
  7. Take a deep breath: Every once in a while just take a break, breathe and see the bigger picture. What matters is that you and your better half will be starting a whole new life together.


While I was losing my mind over all these details & wedding stuff, my fiancé was holding my hand and telling me it will all come together.

I will be posting more about my wedding details soon, please do write to me about your experiences I would love to read about them.

-much love x

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