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HudaBeauty #FuaxFilter Foundation – Honest review

Instagram’s most influential beauty blogger, Huda Khattan added a range of foundations to her brand HudaBeauty and obviously I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.


This foundation is so pigmented, I haven’t come across any foundation such as this one (Giorgio Armani’s Luminous silk foundation is a close second ). I have really dry skin and I always struggle with applying foundation. This foundation glides on like butter, you just need a pea sized amount for your entire face. It stays for more than 12 hours (tried & tested during my wedding).

How to select the perfect HudaBeauty faux filter foundation shade: It can be pretty intimidating to choose the right shade of foundation, when you have 30 shades to choose from. This foundation isn’t available in India yet (Launching on – end of December 2017.) I selected mine using this shade comparison guide created by Huda. So, If you’re already using any of the foundation shades mentioned below, I can assure you that that is your perfect shade. I use Creme Brûlée.


If you want a foundation to give full coverage like I do, then this is the foundation for you. It retails for £32 for 35 ml. I am not sure how much it will retail for in India.I guess we will find out soon. For the time being you can shop this foundation from the link mentioned down below.

#fauxfilter foundation



More product reviews coming soon.

– much love x

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